Harvest Ciarletti

It is the conditions chosen by us as farmers and oil millers, together with the natural conditions that make an oil our great extra virgin olive oil. Among the former, which influence the organoleptic characteristics and therefore the complexity of the product are pruning, fertilization, phytosanitary defense, harvesting and the relative methods of conservation of the olives before harvesting. The second are those factors that mainly contribute to determining the typicality of the oil, thanks to the climate, the stony ground and the cultivar. We are talking about Moraiolo, one of the best known cultivars for its richness in nutritional compounds. It presents itself for its strong intensity of herbaceous hints of artichoke and aromatic herbs, as well as marked bitter and spicy notes. The choice of cultivating a single cultivar for the production of our oil is precisely to make its peculiarities unmistakable and clear to the eye, smell and taste.

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